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Use Your Head! No more Violence! Raise money to support DV cases


Community Development Center "Today for the Future" (CDC-TFF)

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2017-2018 Anti violence campaign of CDC "Today for the Future" Albania is focused in 2 directions: Awareness raising against violence and money raising to support DV Cases. The 1st direction entitled: "Use Your Head! No more Violence!" invites people to raise against any form of violation and to denounce, report and take action against it, through building a big PUZZLE by citizens "Use your Head! No more Violence! I choose to live without violence! " and writing strong messages of human rights and women's rights, alongside with community awareness training and information. 2nd direction includes fundraising through sales of recycled accessories produced by volunteers of CDC-TFF aiming to support identified cases of gender and domestic violence.

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January 31, 2017 17:58



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